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  • Is your website safe?

    We use the most up-to-date website security features available. We also require that all of our staff members sign a confidentiality agreement to protect your research.

  • Are weekends and holidays included in the turnaround time?

    Golden English editing can accept orders 365 days and will start your job right away after payment is received. Turnaround times include Mon thru Sat, but do not include Sunday. For example, if your job starts on Saturday and has a 3 day turnaround time, then the delivery deadline will be Wednesday.

  • How do I get the most accurate billable word count?

    Here is the easiest way to get an accurate billable word count: 1. Make a copy of your document that requires editing. 2. Delete all the text and data that you don’t want the editor to edit. 3. Use the MS Word count (remember to check the “include text boxes, footers etc) option in MS Word. 4. Repeat this for all of the documents you want edited. This is your billable word count to use with Golden.

  • What happens if I enter the wrong word count?

    Our staff members will verify each document's word count before it is assigned to an Editor. If we find that your document's word count is over the category you selected, then we will place your submission on hold while we e-mail you for further instructions. Your deadline will be reset to begin at the exact time of your reply. If your document's word count is shorter than indicated, we will refund the price difference to your Golden bank account.

  • Do you include references (in the Reference Section) and tables in the word count?

    We do not edit the Reference section so exclude that from your word count. We do not edit numerical data in tables, so exclude that from your word count too. We can edit words in table headings and words in table data, so you may choose to include that in your word count.

  • What if I don’t want you to work on my entire paper?

    Golden provides you with 3 easy options to indicate to the Editor what parts to edit. Option 1 - edit all but orange: You will need to highlight in orange the sections that you want us to ignore and will be prompted to include some instructions about this when you upload your file through your Golden account. Please keep in mind that we may withhold your editing certificate if you ask us to leave out large portions of your paper. Option 2 - edit only yellow: only edit the yellow highlighted text. If you only want some sections edited, then highlight those sections in yellow. You must highlight whole sentences. Do not highlight single words or phrases. Option 3 - edit everything: delete the text not for editing. You can delete the text you don’t want edited from the document completely before uploading it. The editor often likes to read all the text to fully understand the meaning, so we suggest you upload a full version of your manuscript as a consult file.

  • What file formats do you support?

    Golden performs all editing work using MS Word, Excel or PowerPoint. Golden can also convert LaTeX files into MS Word. You may also upload supporting materials for the Editor to consult. These can be in any file format.

  • Will Golden help me re-edit my documents and is there a discount?

    After you receive the edited documents from Golden, you might make additional changes based on the editor’s CHECK comments or you might just touch up your work, before submitting it to the journal for example. Re-editing is considered a new job order. Golden recommends that you re-submit the documents for re-editing to fix any small or newly introduced errors in the English. You will find in your account a coupon for a discount on the re-editing job. Further, you may choose to only re-edit some sentences and indicate those with yellow highlighting.

  • Can Golden re-edit my journal manuscript after I revise it based on peer review?

    The journal editor might report that you need to revise some of your research or content before resubmitting to the journal. Golden recommends that you re-submit the manuscript for re-editing after you make the revisions based on journal requirements. If you have made major revisions, then we recommend you have the entire text re-edited. If you have made minor revisions or revisions to some sections only, then you can choose to highlight text in yellow and order to only have that text edited, to reduce the editing fee and time. Golden can also edit the English of your response to review letter, so upload that file as well and include your responses in the word count.

  • Can I sign a confidentiality agreement with Golden?

    Yes, on request, Golden will sign a confidentiality agreement.

  • Can I change the job order after the job is started?

    If the job is too far into the schedule, then cancellation is not allowed.In some instances you can cancel the job. The fee you paid will be added to your Golden bank account, less a cancellation fee. You would then place a fresh order and apply the Golden funds.