Discount coupons

Golden already has low fees, and you can lower the fee even further using one or a combination of discount coupons.

Welcome discount

All new customers receive a welcome discount coupon then can be used on any job order.

Re-edit discount

When you resubmit a document for editing again, you can use your re-edit discount coupon.

Testimonial discount

Write a testimonial about how you liked Golden and receive a large discount coupon.

Special discount coupons

Often Golden will email out special discount coupons which you can use to reduce the fee of your next submission.

Referral Reward coupons

Try our Referral Rewards program to make it easier for you to tell your colleagues about our service. Each time you refer a colleague who submits a paper to us, you will receive a US$15.00 coupon that you can use on any of our services. The more people you refer, the more coupons you can earn. Coupons can be combined, so if you refer enough people your submission will be free!

If you join the program, you will receive:

  • A unique referral code that you can share with your colleagues so that you will both receive discounts.
  • Free flyers, e-mail text, and other materials that you can post at your institution or send to your colleagues.
  • A US$15.00 coupon for each referral who submits a paper to us.