About Golden English Editing

Golden English Editing has served thousands of authors and researchers around the world.

Our mission is simple :

  1. Native English speaking editors with subject expertise
  2. Good prices and discounts
  3. Easy-to-use and reliable service

We gladly work with individuals and also offer partnership opportunities for corporations, societies, associations, and universities.


  • What kinds of documents can Golden edit?

    Golden English editing specializes editing journal papers, conference papers, research reports, technical articles, theses, dissertations, abstracts and any other academic or scientific text.

  • Can Golden re-edit my journal manuscript after I revise it based on peer review?

    The journal editor might report that you need to revise some of your research or content before resubmitting to the journal. Golden recommends that you re-submit the manuscript for re-editing after you make the revisions based on journal requirements. If you have made major revisions, then we recommend you have the entire text re-edited. If you have made minor revisions or revisions to some sections only, then you can choose to highlight text in yellow and order to only have that text edited, to reduce the editing fee and time. Golden can also edit the English of your response to review letter, so upload that file as well and include your responses in the word count.