Editores Golden English

A Golden recruta editores nativos do idioma inglês dos EUA, Reino Unido, Canadá, Austrália e África do Sul. Nossos editores precisam passar por rigorosos testes e completar extensivo treinamento antes de trabalhar nos documentos dos clientes. Além disso, cada editor tem conhecimento em uma área de estudos por conta de sua formação acadêmica e suas próprias pesquisas e histórico profissional.

Quando você envia seu documento para revisão com a Golden ele será encaminhado a um editor altamente qualificado de dentro da sua área de estudos.

Todo Editor

  • É nativo de língua inglesa;
  • Possui excelente habilidade de escrita em inglês;
  • Passa por rigoroso teste de recrutamento;
  • Tem conhecimento da área de estudo;
  • Recebe feedback e treinamento.

Abaixo você pode ver alguns perfis representativos de nossos editores

  • Ceasar S.

    University of California, Los Angeles, Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering

    I have over 15 years of experience as a mechanical engineer, working in HVAC, manufacturing, operations, MRO, QA and project management. My work as an editor allows me to contribute my knowledge and English ability to the research world. I particularly enjoy editing theses and dissertations to know I am helping young talent progress in their studies.

  • Rita B.
    London, United Kingdom

    University of London BA, English

    Highly experienced lecturer and teacher in business, community, and scholarly environments on a range of topics. Rita has worked in hospitality for over 10 years. Rita has superb written English and over 7 years of editing experience.

  • John M.
    Perth, Australia

    Master of Buisness Information and Logistics Management, University of Western Australia; BCom Computer Science, University of New South Wales

    I have been involved in business communication and information management training courses for five years, and I have a wide range of interests in fields around these topics, from computer science to education. I have been editing in these fields for eight years, and have now edited over 200 manuscripts.

  • Lisa D.
    London, United Kingdom

    Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)<br/>English Literature | Canterbury Christ Church University

    With extensive writing experience, stemming from dual Bachelors' degrees in English and Economics, I have the skill and experience to provide quality and insightful work for clients. The majority of my work centers on clear, clean and concise content. With subject matter knowledge and excellent English writing, I can help authors prepare their manuscripts for publication.

  • Ruby H.
    San Francisco, California

    MS Animal Biology, University of Wisconsin; BS Zoology, Colorado State University

    Having always wanted to be a vet, I began a veterinarian course after obtaining my undergraduate degree, but after two years I decided to return to biological research. Thus my editing covers everything from veterinary medicine to ecology and microbiology, and I enjoy contributing to all of these fields of research.

  • Darla M.

    University of Melbourne, Department of Veterinary Science

    Infectious Diseases, Biology, DNA, RNA and proteins, Gene expression, recombinations. Bacteria, Virus structure and assembly, Genome replication and regulation of viral gene expression, Virus evolution, Virus-cell interactions Host response to infection, Vaccines, Pathogenesis and immunity, Epidemiology

  • Nancy T.
    Tampa, Florida

    Middlebury College<br/>BA, English, Psychology

    Aside from English editing for Golden, I write books for children and for grownups who are young at heart!

  • Jeni P.
    United States

    Ph.D., Science 2005, B.Sc. Honors, Botany, B.Sc., Botany, Microbiology

    Hello! I am passionate about applying strong research to improve environmental problems. So, I enjoy contributing be editing manuscripts in these fields: Life Sciences and Bio-Resources and Agricultural fields, Ecology, Plant Biology and Physiology, Agronomy, Forestry and Global Climate Change.

  • George F.
    Dublin, Ireland

    Trinity College<br/>Master's Degree, Science

    I am a professional academic editor and have been counseling and supporting graduate students and researchers on the editing process for 5 years. I take care with the details and simply love writing science in English. I look forward to working on your manuscript.

  • Sidney W.
    Wellington, New Zealand

    PhD Pharmacology and Toxicology, Griffith University, Australia; MSc Toxicology, University of Otago, New Zealand

    I conduct research in pharmacology, toxicology, diagnosis, and related aspects of internal medicine and microbiology. I have been editing manuscripts in these fields for many years, and enjoy helping non-first language speakers to improve the way they express their important research.

  • Phil D.

    PhD in Applied Chemistry<br/>University of Southern California

    Phil has 5 years of research experience and 10 years of English editing experience. Specialties include applied chemistry and biochemistry and enjoys editing all fields of science including physics, molecular biology and other life sciences.

  • Jason L.

    PhD Electrical Engineering and Applied Physics

    I am an Assistant Professor in Engineering. I design terahertz antennas. I use CST, Microwave Studio, HFSS and ADS to simulate radiating structures. I edit papers in geology, geography, electrical engineering, physics, electronics engineering, telecommunications, mechanical & civil engineering, materials science, robotics, physical chemistry, numerical techniques, computational techniques, meteorology.

  • Prof. Sarah E.
    Birmingham, United Kingom

    PhD Education, University of Manchester; MA Arts and Education Practices, Birmingham City University

    My passion is art and education; I have taught many students and written text books on art education. To educate effectively, one needs to be able to communicate clearly. I enjoy helping authors whose first language is not English to express their work clearly, and my broad knowledge about arts and education allows me to do so effectively.

  • Prof. Xavier S.
    Leeds, United Kingdom

    PhD in Computer Science, University of Manchester; MRes Computing Science, University of East Anglia

    Computer science is a complex subject, and writing about it must therefore be crystal clear! I train my students in writing as much as in their subject of choice, and also enjoy editing manuscripts about all aspects of computer science.

  • William K.
    Washington, D.C.

    MS in Management Information Systems, Florida State University; BA in Business, New York University

    I have been editing academic transcripts written by non-native speakers for three years. I edit theses and academic journal articles in any area related to business, and I have a special interest in business communication and information systems. I enjoy playing basketball during my time off.

  • Silvia P.
    Boston, Massachusetts

    PhD in Educational Policy Studies, Indiana University; M.Ed. in Law and Higher Education, Penn State College of Education

    I am working towards my career in education law, and I enjoy using my expertise to improve others' writing in the field. I am interested in all aspects of law and education, including public policy, communication systems, and the psychology of education and communication. I enjoy editing in all these fields because it helps me to keep in touch with a wide range of current research.

  • Raven F.
    San Francisco, California

    MS in Biology, University of Massachusetts Boston; BS in Environmental Biology and Microbiology, Michigan State University

    I am fascinated by evolution and how our microscopic environment is evolving in the light of current human impacts. I am studying for my PhD, and have always enjoyed writing. In my spare time I use my writing skills to edit academic journal articles by non-native English speakers. I particularly enjoy editing review articles, since they cover a broad range of literature.

  • Willemina L.
    Vancouver, BC, Canada

    M.Sc. Biochemistry and Microbiology, University of Victoria, British Columbia; B.Sc. Applied Microbiology, University of Toronto

    I am currently working in an immunology lab in Vancouver, assisting with research and publishing papers. I have always been good at writing, so I also use my expertise to edit papers written by non-native speakers. I understand how challenging it is to write well in English, and enjoy helping others to express themselves well so that their valuable work can get all the exposure it deserves.

  • Sarah G.
    Denver, Colorado

    PhD Biomedical Engineering, Oregon Health & Science University; MBS Bioscience, University of Minnesota

    In the course of my medical bio-engineering studies, I have learned how important it is to express oneself clearly and concisely. I will help you to improve your writing so that your research shines out and its impact is maximized.

  • Vanessa D.
    Albuquerque, New Mexico

    MS Applied Heath Science Informatics, Johns Hopkins Medicine; BS Health Science, Southern New Hampshire University

    I am passionate about medicine and health science, and about communicating clearly about medical research. I enjoy using my broad knowledge of medical subjects to edit manuscripts written by non-first-language English speakers. I also love going for long walks in the mountains around Albuquerque.

  • Prof. Stephan W.
    Melbourne, Australia

    PhD in Civil Engineering, Queensland University of Technology

    I teach Civil Engineering, and many of my students are non-first-language speakers, so I understand the challenges they face when writing in English. That has enabled me to become a skilled editor for authors for whom English is a second language. I think it is wonderful that so many are making their research more accessible by publishing in English, and I enjoy helping them to do so by improving their writing.

  • Marco E.
    San Jose, California

    MS Computer Science, University of Wisconsin; BS Computer Science, Georgia Tech College of Computing

    I am working towards an academic career in Computer Science, and in my spare time I enjoy editing manuscripts on all aspects of the subject. I love expressing myself well, and find helping others to do so as well very satisfying. In my spare time I either go surfing or play online computer games, depending on the weather.

  • Jason C.
    United Kingdom

    BSc Electrical Engineering, Masters Engineering (Electrical), Imperial College London

    I enjoy editing many engineering related areas: telecom, power, integrated circuits, signal processing, control, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering. Also, on the software side: Fortran, C, Java, VHDL, Assembly, LabVIEW; Tools , OpenDSS, PSCAD, PSS/E, PSIM, SPICE; AutoCAD, Windows and Linux OS.

  • Francesca O.
    London, United Kingdom

    BA(Hons) Humanities, University of Brighton; MSc Science, Communication & Society, University of Kent

    I am currently completing my PhD, and in my free time I edit manuscripts written by EFL speakers. I am passionate about science communication, the arts, culture, and education, and when I'm not editing or working on my thesis I attend dance classes, and I also love going to the theatre and the opera.

  • Geoffrey F.
    Seattle, Washington

    PhD Physics and Astronomy, Rutgers University; M.Sc. Astrophysics and Astronomy, Michigan State University

    In my postdoctoral work in astrophysics, I write and publish a lot, and understand what it is to write well. I love reading about work in my field that is being done elsewhere in the world, but understand how difficult it is to express it well in English when that is not your mother tongue. Allow me to help you to help you bring your English up to the standard required by top journals, so that you can publish where you like.

  • Brock H.
    Sydney, Australia

    Bachelor of Electronics Engineering, Studying Masters of Engineering

    I work at a local university as a teacher of engineering science. All areas of engineering, physics and electronics interest me. My passion though is robotics. In my spare time, I design and build robots with a focus on efficiency and use of solar technology. English editing allows me to help other researchers get their ideas published more smoothly.

  • Danny T.

    PhD in Mathematics, 2014

    After his PhD he was appointed as an Assistant Professor. His areas of research are: Non Linear PDE's, Fluid Mechanics, Optimal Transportation, Stochastic Analysis, and Mathematical Finance. Danny provides superb editing work to help authors express highly complex ideas in clear native English.

  • Paul K.
    Ontario, Canada

    M.Sc. Neuroscience, University of Calgary; B.Sc. Neuroscience, Dalhousie University

    I am working towards my PhD in neuroscience and biochemistry, and in my spare time I edit transcripts written by non-first-language speakers. I have been editing such papers for more than five years, and always enjoy the challenge of finding the best way to express complex ideas succinctly and clearly.

  • Marina B.
    Los Angeles, California

    PhD Cultural land Educational Policy Studies, Loyola University Chicago; M.S.Ed. Art Education, Indiana University Bloomington

    My studies have taken me on a meandering path from fine arts, through art education, to public education policy. I believe that cultural education is critically important, and I enjoy being able to help people from other countries bring their work onto the global stage, by editing and improving their English, so that we can all gain from different cultural perspectives and experiences.

  • Prof. Ellie M.
    Leicester, United Kingdom

    PhD Agriculture, Newcastle University; MSc Veterinary microbiology, University of Surrey

    I have a wide range of interests in animal care, agriculture, and the environment, and have been teaching and conducting research in these fields for over 30 years. I am familiar with the literature, and am always excited to see new, pioneering research being published. I enjoy editing manuscripts from other parts of the world, helping researchers to publish their work so that everyone can benefit from it.

  • Jessica L.
    New Jersey, USA

    MSc Information Management, Arizona State University; BS Computer Science & Business, Lehigh University

    I work in information management systems, conducting research and consulting to a range of businesses. I have also been editing research on all related topics written by non-native English speakers for 10 years, which helps to keep me on my toes and up to date. I will improve your English and help you to publish in international journals to get the exposure your work deserves.

  • Dr Winston B.
    Chicago, Illinois

    PhD Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, Boston University; MS Medicinal Chemistry, St. John's University, NY

    I conduct research in laboratory diagnostics and toxicology, and in my spare time I edit manuscripts on any of the wide range of topics I have studied and am interested in. I have over seven years of experience in editing work written by EFL authors, and will put that experience to good use when I edit your paper.

  • Dr Sheila V.
    Brisbane, Australia

    MD, University of Melbourne; PhD Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, University of Queensland

    As an experienced medical researcher in the fields of public health and surgery, I will give your manuscript the expert eye it deserves, and bring the English up to the standard required for publishing in international journals. I have more than 15 years of experience of editing papers in all aspects of medicine, written by non-native speakers.

  • Dr. Anushka V.

    PhD from University of British Columbia, LL.M (Master of Laws)

    My research interests cover taxation, foreign investment, globalization, trade agreements, developing countries. I enjoy editing English for many fields including business, commercial law, contract law, taxation, corporate governance, management theory, innovation, business structures, politics, political science, foreign policy, and climate change. I like helping on conference papers and journal papers in particular.

  • Sean P.

    Master of Commerce in Applied Finance, Bachelor of Civil Engineering

    My experience is as a financial analyst for large construction projects. I love English, so enjoy editing manuscripts about finance, economics, financial management, project management, construction management, Also, in engineering, civil, construction, and structural engineering, engineering science and transportation management. Cross-disciplinary research interests me the most.

  • Dr. Debra I.
    Richmond, Virginia

    PhD Political Science, Boston University; MSc Global Health and Public Policy, University of Edinburgh

    Having worked in public health policy for many years, I now edit manuscripts in all subject areas related to this broad field. I also teach writing to aspiring academics in this field. I find it satisfying to help others to put their work across eloquently, and enjoy keeping up to date with the latest research.

  • Cody E.

    IMPERIAL COLLEGE, THE UNIVERSITY OF LONDON, Postgraduate Diploma in Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development

    My interest areas are: Sustainable farming/forestry practices, Ecosystem Approach, Rural Development (Postgraduate Diploma), Sustainable Agriculture , Sustainable Forestry, Sustainable Fishery, Biodiversity Conservation, Management of Natural Resources, Sustainable Development, Climate Change, Third World Development, Community Participation.

  • Craig A.

    PhD, University of British Columbia

    I research why the Earth’s environment changed, and is changing today, to more accurately predict the future. I create records of past climate change and air pollution by analyzing chemical markers preserved in glacier ice cores. My specialties include paleo-climatology, climate dynamics, atmospheric chemistry, and snow & ice chemistry. I enjoy editing geology and other earth science topics too.

  • Angela Z.

    Masters in Editing and Publishing

    Hi everybody! I have over 3 years experience in editing academic manuscript. Qualified with a Masters in Editing and Publishing, I understand about the strict requirements for English language usage for journal publication, especially to pass peer review. I can write in US or UK English and specialize in making your English smooth without changing the meaning.

  • Emily S.
    Edinburgh, United Kingdom

    City University London, Masters of Science

    I enjoy editing all fields of neuroscience and biology: Biochemistry, Biodiversity, Bioinformatics, Developmental Biology, DNA Sequencing, Ethology, Gene Expression, Phylogeny, Population Biology, Transgenics, Behavioral Medicine, Clinical Psychiatry, Ethics, Neurodegenerative Diseases, Comparative Psychology, Computational, Electrophysiology, Neuroimaging, Neuroregeneration, Neurotoxicology, Pharmacology

  • Danica C.
    Manchester, United Kingdom

    MSc Corporate Communication and Public Affairs, Robert Gordon University<br/> BA Hons Communication and Media, University of Leeds

    Danica is both a teacher and an Editor. She has taught in business, university and community settings, in group and individual sessions and has received excellent ratings and had numerous repeat and on-going students. Danica edits many fields including business, finance, economics and current affairs.

  • Danielle. D.
    Dallas, United States

    Master of Science (Coastal and Ocean Policy), Bachelor of Arts (Politics)

    Fisheries Management, Pollution Assessment & Control, Coastal Ecosystem Conservation, Environmental Law and Ethics, Zoning. public policy, political science, marine science, marine policy, biology and ecology, coastal policy, fisheries science, aquaculture, environmental resource management, coastal zone management, environmental science, conservation, pollution, sustainability, geography.

  • Dr. Timothy F.
    Brisbane, Australia

    Bachelors of Foods Science, Masters of Science (Chemistry)

    I work as a research scientist for a university. My areas include biochemistry, analytical chemistry, physical chemistry: thermodynamics, surface phenomena, organic chemistry, pharmaceutical science, microbiology, waste treatment, industrial applications, and food science and technology.

  • Christine J.
    Arizona, USA

    MS Health Education, Kaplan University; BS Physical Education, University of Alaska Anchorage

    I have extensive experience covering all aspects of health, medicine, and health education. I pay close attention to detail and love breaking down new subjects for my readers. I find academic English editing challenging and rewarding. In my spare time I enjoy running and skiing, as well as traveling to exciting new places.

  • Travis D.

    PhD in Materials Science and Engineering

    In my career, I provide manuscript critiques for writers at all stages during the writing process. I have been editing English for over 10 years now and will be glad to work on your manuscript. My specialties include solar cells, materials science (theoretical and experimental), organic chemistry and surface science.

  • Rachel A.
    New York

    PhD, 2005, New York University

    Research interests focus on theory building related to the impact of individual, organizational, and external environment factors on nurse work outcomes, nurses’ participation in healthcare quality improvement, and quality and safety of patient care. Editing areas: Nursing Workforce, Nurse Work Environment, Patient Care Quality, Interprofessional Education, Nurse Education.

  • Roxanne L.

    Bachelor of Medicine/Surgery, Bachelor of Science

    Medicine Anatomy, Diagnostics, Pharmacology, Public health, Pathology, Surgery, Patient Management, Imaging, Epidemiology, Cardiology, Pediatrics, Obstetrics, Renal, Haematology, Rheumatology, Neurology, Internal, Immunology, Gastrolenterology, Oncology, Encdocrinology, Infectious diseases, Psychiatry, Environmental medicine, Ethics, Palliative care, Allied Health Nursing, Physiotherapy, Ambulatory.

Perguntas Frequentes

  • Todo o trabalho é feito por pessoas reais?

    Toda edição é realizada por falantes nativos de Inglês. Golden não usa software para substituir o trabalho especializado de pessoas.

  • Quem são os seus editores?

    O Editor que trabalha em seus documentos é um falante nativo de Inglês. O Editor que trabalha no seu documentos tem conhecimento na área de estudo relevante para seu trabalho. O Editor que trabalha no seu documentos trabalha para a Golden e passou testes rigorosos e tem formação profissional para edição em inglês. Leia mais sobre as suas qualificações na página Sobre os Editores